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Tidbits: booze in space, microwave sponge cake, dry ice slushies, and behind the scenes at Modernist Cuisine HQ

space food

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Food and Space

  • “Imagine having to shop for a family’s three-year supply of groceries all at once and having enough meals planned in advance for that length of time.” That’s what happens when you plan food for a trip to Mars.
  • America’s Test Kitchen Radio interviewed Mary Roach about the finer points of designing food for space travel. Also: apparently NASA was working on astronaut booze, but some joyless bureaucrat decided it was a frivolous waste of taxpayer money, and it was nixed. Dangit!



Gear and Hacks


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In honor of the occasion, I thought I’d share this video by a former student of mine. Adam explains how alcohol works, in verse:

Modernist Cuisine

I’m not sure how many cookbooks have been breathlessly reviewed by Wired Magazine, Saveur, and the Wall Street Journal, but I’m willing to go out on a limb and say: not very many. Maybe just one, in fact: Modernist Cuisine, the brainchild of former Microsoft CTO and general polymath Nathan Myhrvold.

Modernist Cuisine is based on the kind of experimentation we’d do at Science Fare if we had unlimited resources, unlimited time, and a team of super-genius scientists, engineers, and chefs. By all accounts, it is awesome. Unfortunately, redefining the science of cooking doesn’t come cheap, and it’s $625 for the five-volume set.

If you, like me, must lust from afar, you can still get a taste of the book at its comprehensive website:

Modernist Cuisine

You can also watch Nathan Myhrvold discuss the making of the book – and its spectacular photography – in a recent TED talk: