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The crispiness of a tortilla chip, quantified

It’s nice to have a good idea of what you want to experiment ahead of time, but sometimes it’s fun to just fool around.

After my series of posts on frying the perfect tortilla chip, I decided to team up with Moose O’Donnell (a fellow food blogger and scientist) to really test the crispiness of tortilla chips. We pulled a mini instron out of the lab, fried up some tortillas, and tested how they cracked under pressure.

An instron.

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For love of garlic

I believe there is no such a thing as too much garlic. I tend to double or triple the amount of garlic in a recipe without batting an eye.  I’ll take garlic in almost any dish or form, including raw  on a loaf of bread (aka “roman soldier” style, or so I read in a book once).

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to buy eight heads of garlic for my ScienceFare experiment this week.  I was hoping the clerk would ask what it was for, just so I could ramble excitedly to a stranger about my love for garlic.  (Didn’t happen. This is apparently not as sketchy as, say, twenty pounds of corn starch, but that’s a different story).

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