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Is it Possible to Keep Blanched Green Beans Really Green?

green bean salad

If you regularly follow this blog (hi mom!) you know that I posted a while back about whipping together a green bean salad because I had gotten my hands on some really fresh green beans. In the process of making that recipe, I noticed that the beans got really bright green after they were blanched, but ended up a drab olive color by the time I had dressed them and we were ready to eat.

I wondered: was there any way I could keep green beans green?

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Easy Being Green

Pesto. It’s super-simple, right? Whiz up lots of fresh basil and an indecent amount of olive oil in a food processor. Toss in whatever accessory ingredients you desire– raw garlic, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese. Stir it into pasta or vegetables or just about anything, and devour. For years fresh pesto, served on fresh pasta from the farmer’s market, has been a staple of my summer cooking. But while it tasted fine, it always looked a little…off, sort of brown around the edges instead of the verdant green of restaurant pesto. Mostly I ignored this.

Step 1 Leaves

But a few months ago, I learned the secret to bitchin’ pesto. Ready?

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