Check Out the ExoMars Orbiter’s Beautiful First Pics

On October 19, two European Space Agency spacecrafts arrived at Mars, right on schedule. But while one crash-landed on the red planet’s surface (ESA scientists are still trying to figure out what happened to poor ol’ Schiaparelli), the other safely inserted itself into orbit. And […]

No, Gotham, That’s Not How Tightropes Work

[embedded content] I’ll be honest. I don’t really watch Gotham, but it looks interesting. It chronicles the events in Batman’s city before he became Batman. That’s about all I know. However, when I saw a recent commercial for an upcoming episode, I had to do […]

Magnets Aren’t Miracles, But Solar Flares Burst With Magic

Magnets aren’t miracles, but neither are they a phenomenon that physicists completely understand. Particularly big magnets, like the sun. Until recently, the annals of research failed to completely explain how massive currents blooming on the sun’s surface burst into solar flares, releasing incredible volumes of […]