Immerse Yourself in the Jungle With a Wild 360-Degree Video

[embedded content] The new BBC series Planet Earth II, like the Planet Earth that came before it, promises to take you deep into the natural world, to places that humans without multimillion-dollar budgets could never tread. Cold places, searing places, tippy-top-of-mountains places. As a companion […]

Bet You’ve Never Seen Snow Leopards Mating Before

[embedded content] Filming nature documentaries is a singular pursuit–often terrible conditions, lots of things biting you, and lots of waiting for your subject to show up. And it doesn’t get much more challenging than tracking snow leopards in the Kashmir mountains. This is one of […]

Bats: The 60-MPH Speed Demons of the Sky

[embedded content] You know bats–the flighty mammals that find their way around with sonar and eat bugs and sometimes revert to their human form and live in a castle on a hill. But bats have a little secret I’d like to share with you: They […]