Y’all Need to Chill About Proxima Centauri b

In case you weren’t on Earth on Wednesday, here’s what you missed: Astronomers found a planet as close by as a planet could possibly be–in the nearest star system, Alpha Centauri. The planet, called Proxima Centauri b, orbits its star every 11.2 days. That puts […]

How to Succeed in the Asteroid Business Without Really Mining

When most people think of asteroids, they might think of phrases like “civilization killer.” Or “boring rock.” But other people think “business opportunity.” A growing set of companies, including Deep Space Industries and Planetary Resources, want to mine asteroids for all they’re worth. After digging […]

The Rogue Blogger Who Keeps Spoiling Physics’ Biggest News

On his physics-insider blog, Resonaances, theorist Adam Falkowski titled his latest post “After the Hangover.” He’s not talking about a party. He’s talking about particle physics–and the decline and fall of this year’s most-exciting-discovery-that-was-not. On July 29, Falkowski declared what CERN, the European organization that […]