Why Scientists Keep Changing the Forecast for a La Nina Winter

Climate predictions–kind of like romantic comedies–are full of will they/won’t they suspense. Like this year’s La Nina. In September, the National Weather Service cancelled its months-long lookout for the climate phenomenon–which, as a counterpoint to El Nino, is associated with cooler overall global temperatures. Then, […]

Hey, J.Lo: We Wrote Your Gene-Hacking Drama for You

Jennifer Lopez–singer, dancer, actress, and producer–is one America’s most successful entertainers. Crispr–repeated genetic sequences that, when combined with Cas-family proteins, are capable of editing DNA–is one of biology’s most talked-about developments. Combined, they are ingredients for prime time procedural drama. We hope. C.R.I.S.P.R. is a […]

Nanoscale Machines Snag the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Professor Bernard Feringa speaks at the University of Groningen on October 5, 2016 after receiving the 2016 Nobel Chemistry Prize, along with two other scientists.SIESE VEENSTRA/AFP/Getty Images Machines do work. They toil against equilibrium, entropy, death. And since the Industrial Revolution, machines have become ubiquitous, […]