Magnets Aren’t Miracles, But Solar Flares Burst With Magic

Magnets aren’t miracles, but neither are they a phenomenon that physicists completely understand. Particularly big magnets, like the sun. Until recently, the annals of research failed to completely explain how massive currents blooming on the sun’s surface burst into solar flares, releasing incredible volumes of […]

La Nina Will Hang Out Until January–February Tops

Winter is coming. And with it, a weather outlook impacted by weak, but persistent La Nina conditions in the equatorial Pacific. El Ninos–like the record-breaking one that ended in June–occur when warm water from near Indonesia splashes over into the middle and eastern Pacific. La […]

America’s Brief Role as a Climate Leader Is Probably Over

While America was watching Donald Trump sweep the polls, climate representatives from over 200 countries saw America’s commitments to international climate goals blow away. This week, climate negotiators–along with NGOs, journalists, and other observers–are gathered in Marrakesh, Morroco to flesh out the details of the […]

Watch WIRED and OZY’s Election Night Livestream

[embedded content] November 8, 2016: The culminating struggle between two of the most polarizing figures in US history, to determine which will win the planet’s superlative public office. The last thing you need is more stress. So why don’t you skip the cable news exit […]