Check Out the ExoMars Orbiter’s Beautiful First Pics

On October 19, two European Space Agency spacecrafts arrived at Mars, right on schedule. But while one crash-landed on the red planet’s surface (ESA scientists are still trying to figure out what happened to poor ol’ Schiaparelli), the other safely inserted itself into orbit. And […]

Watch Live as the ESA’s Probe Lands on the Red Planet

On Wednesday morning, if all goes well, the European Space Agency’s Schiaparelli probe will alight on rusty Martian dirt. It’s been zipping through space for seven months now, and once it triggers its parachute, pops off its protective coverings, and lands, it’ll kick off a […]

Are Aliens Trying to Contact You? Use This Handy Scale

International Academy of Astronautics The pattern showed up in old telescope data: Weird variations in the light patterns of about 230 stars. The astronomers–a pair of Canadians–published their analysis, along with what they believed was the culprit: Aliens. SETI researchers quickly countered that the patterns […]

Meet the Heroes Fueling the New American Space Boom

Once upon a time, the space business in America was, essentially, NASA. Fueled by Cold War-era competition with the USSR, only the government had the motivation, funds, and resources to put toward extraplanetary research. Not anymore. In the past few years, the industry has flowered, […]

Trump’s Dr. Oz Appearance Has Nothing To Do With Health

For the past two weeks, political commentators have been rapt over the state of the two presidential candidates’ aging bodies. Trump supporters have spun up theories about Clinton’s failing health (those pillows must mean something), while the Clinton campaign recently released another note from her […]

How the Blue Cut Blaze Spawns Those Insane Firenadoes

The Blue Cut fire is the latest conflagration burning up drought-ridden California, and it’s truly massive. About 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles, it roared to life quickly, starting out at a mere five acres on Tuesday and expanding into an inferno that has surprised […]