How to Be a Savvy Science Reader

We all love to get excited about new scientific discoveries. You see that in news articles all the time, that breathless tone that describes the latest studies as if we’re reinvented the wheel. Suddenly everything is clear and we’ve solved all the problems! Or, oh […]

It Was A Great Weekend For Lava

It was a big weekend for lava flows at volcanoes around the globe. Let’s check out some highlights: Hawai’i We almost saw new lava flows inside the Halema’uma’u Crater at Kilauea, as the lava lake was close to reaching its rim (see above). This was […]

Dear College Students: You Should Take Geology

Geology (or, more properly these days, geosciences) is a field that most incoming first-year students have little experience with. Maybe they had a rock collection, maybe they took AP Environmental Science. Maybe, if they were lucky, they had a high school teacher with some training […]