Tidbits: hydroponic rafts, cereal microstructure, and edible glassware

Photo credit: Dr. Ricardo Radulovich

Photo credit: Dr. Ricardo Radulovich


Seems weird doesn’t it?


Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way 2012 did, right? Sort of like going to a chain restaurant in a foreign country and seeing things that are just slightly off. Well, rightly so because we’re in the future now and with that comes the sense of moving foward.

This instance of Tidbits comes with a wonderful theme of “The Future” and as such, many of the links are to stories and articles exemplifying how the world is mixing and moving onwards to more awesome things.


  • Ideas In Food serves us up some interesting Gluten-Free Potato Gnocchi
  • Marc at No Recipes shows us how the history of American military presence in Japan has contributed to a sub-section of food which fuses the two cultures: Japa-Mex Taco Rice.



  • With Africa seen as playing a key role in the future of agriculture, scientists are researching new ways to utilise the lakes that are dotted across the continent. The result: Hydroponic Rafts.
  • The Institute of Food Research has released their 2012/2013 Science + Innovation Report, detailing the most promising research and news from the last year.
  • The Journal of Sensory Science has published a paper detailing a 57 person experiment which looked to solving the age old problem: “what colour cup does my hot chocolate taste best in?” The results may surprise you. Or they might not.
  • With the microstructure so important to their function, a research team have used MRI to identify and assess the way in which cereals are rehydrated and how the milk is diffused.
  • If, like me, you feel the need to celebrate New Year’s Eve every day (and/or aren’t willing to admit your overt alcohol issues), you might be interested in the physics of champagne.



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