Tidbits: gourmet junk food, synthetic ambergris, and gluten-free problems

flickr user L.Richarz

flickr user L.Richarz

The year of 2012 is coming to a close and what a year it has been for this site.

Earlier this year, Science Fare merged with Kevin and Naveen’s ‘Why Cook’ blog and has since gone from strength to strength.  My addition to the roster on the right means that were some intelligent person able to find a way to convert concentrated geekery into usable energy, this website would be able to power a small town.

We’ve seen some great delights in 2012, what with Kevin L’s clear ice discovery, a series of tortilla experiments and the successful first run of MOCA.

So on that note, I give you the final Tidbits for 2012, with the hope that Science Fare will continue on this trajectory in 2013!





  • A study has found that certain meals from popular TV chefs are less healthy than ready meals.  With many people’s diets being influenced by recipes created by popular TV chefs, it’s rather worrying to see that meals randomly selected from the books of top TV chefs were not in compliance with all of the nutritional recommendations set out by the World Health Organisation.
  • As 2012 draws to a close, the UK press has a field day over the rise of ‘gourmet junk food‘.
  • New Year’s Resolutions usually involve some form of weight loss after the gluttony of Xmas. See the most widely searched for diets from  the USA and the UK over the entire year of 2012.
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Alex is a science geek first, a food lover second and a Crown-appointed weaponiser of the English language third. You can follow him at @procrastibaking. Alex is an editor for ScienceFare.
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