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How One Composer Turns Science Into Serious Drama

[embedded content] Composer Darren Fung watched the weirdly stretched-out sea lions swimming across a screen and imagined the music that would best suit them. In mid-November, he’d signed on to work with filmmaker Adam Ravetch on a virtual-reality short, filmed underwater. Viewers would feel like […]

A Warming Earth Is Making It Harder to Study Mars

The Dry Valleys are home to some of the unfriendliest terrain that humans could contemplate setting foot on. It’s frigidly cold, incredibly dry, and its rust-colored soil is practically lifeless. Yet, despite all appearances to the contrary, these valleys are not 33 million miles away […]

The Fail-Safe Science of Delicious Crispy Chicken

Chicken breast is a ubiquitous weeknight dinner item, but there’s a fine line between crispy, juicy yum and overcooked cardboard yuck. One crowd pleasing technique is to just deep fry it–mmm, crunchy goodness. But then you’re looking at a messy, labor-intensive, and fattening extravaganza. You […]