On vacation until October 12

Hey guys, a bit of an apology on our end here- no post for this week.  We seem to have over-committed ourselves lately, between Carolyn’s journeys into the boonies of Canada, Matt’s (our behind-the-scenes editor) upcoming child, and my, well, I don’t have much of an excuse but I’ve been busy.

We are going to take a slight “vacation” from blog posting, but we’ll be back in action on Oct. 12, when we should have our act together again.  Till then, feel free to send us and comments, concerns, topics you’d like to hear more about, or general ramblings at cookingeditor@iridescentlearning.org.

Kevin Miklasz

About Kevin Miklasz

As a PhD student in Biology at Stanford University, Kevin’s research is on the biomechanics of micro-algae, as he clearly prefers academic obscurity to hot topic, sexy science. Besides cooking and doing science, Kevin also designs educational science games and engages in similarly nerdy interests. Kevin is an editor for Science Fare, and Director for Digital Curriculum at Iridescent.
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